21 / 02 / 2016 | Videos

Homemade camera slider

What did we make this time for you?
The manufacture of this week is a camera slider but not any common kind of it.
The particular slider enables us to film shots where the camera should be moving during the filming without involving any interruptions or having swishes. 
For this reason, we made a metallic frame with four legs applied with screws and then we placed a moving metallic plate on it. While in this metallic plate, we placed small, plastic wheels that their role is to be regulated to adjust their rubbing with the rails in order to achieve smoothness in the movement as well as stability of the camera. 

It is worth to be mentioned, that I have used small in diameter pipes and square tubes in order to make the structure as smaller as possible. 
Therefore, using low in cost materials, we added another useful and very unique tool in the ‘make it extreme’ workshop. 

In the future, we may decide to make an even more complicated and extreme slider having even more capabilities. 

The particular slider has 180 cm length while the height is adjusted according to the place of its legs.


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07 / 02 / 2016 | Videos

My Handmade Tank

This video has been made by the team of Make it Extreme to say a BIG thank you to all of its 10,000 subscribers, who supported our channel during the 7 months of its existence. Although, on this video we don’t present the making of any construction, we show a unique manufacture that was created many years ago by the channel.

It presents a metallic tank that I made about 10 years ago. The designing and the making of this construction using the few tools that I had then, took me about two years of daily work equivalent to about 10 hours a day!!!

The particular tank has many and various uses as despite its small size, it has an amazing potential. Imagine that it can be used even as a toy as well as a tool. It can be moved by two winches of 12 volts that have the strength to lift 2000lb each. Additionally, another two motors of 12 volts move the tank tower while an electromagnet activates the trigger of the gun or of the construction that is located on the tower.
Also, it can be revolved in 380 ̊ and inclined up and down in 75 ̊. Nevertheless, this tank has the capability to have enough space to put various devices such as spear guns and anything else that the user needs to place in there. This crawler moves under a remote control’s demands. This remote control includes 12 channels of a remote controlled helicopter with a range of 600 meters. It is worth to be mentioned that it is waterproof and designed to be used under the water. However, the most impressive thing about it is that it can stay in higher than 5 bars water pressure.

At its back side, there are two points, which can be hooked with objects that the user may want to pull. In addition, its metallic caterpillar tracks are constituted by 30 pieces each while the tank’s body is made of sheet metal, 3mm thickness.

It is exclusively made by hand as well as the mechanisms that control its movable limbs.

Its dimensions are 75 cm length, 65 cm width, 45 cm height and it weighs about 110 kg including its batteries.


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02 / 02 / 2016 | Videos

Extreme DIY Bed

Moving into a new home, I realized that I needed a new bed. Therefore, here I am manufacturing a bed that would meet my own needs. 

The particular bed is made of metal while it is decorated and completed by wooden pieces. The metallic layout that I made, it is easy to be collated as it is connected with only four screws that are located inside the bed’s legs. 

At the bottom side of the bed’s legs, plastic covers were used in order to prevent the damage with the friction between the furniture’s legs and the floor while for the top surface of the bed’s legs, I made wooden pieces which give to our manufacture the final touch making it look prettier to the eye.  

It is worth also to mention that our unique bed provides special sockets and usb ports to enable you to charge your cell phone and other gadgets as well as lights for you to read. The brightness of the lights can be set by 2 dimmer switches, one in each side for your own convenience to choose the most ideal luminosity. 

Additionally, if you consider it necessary, an adjustable laptop or tablet stand can be placed to enable the user to use his electronic device in the comfort of his own bed.

The bed’s size is 200 cm x 180 cm x 46 cm.


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26 / 01 / 2016 | Videos

DIY Arcade Stick

As computer game lovers, we could not skip the making of a handmade arcade stick including it in our selective collection of manufactures. 

Our arcade stick though, is made according to our needs and taste. Therefore, we took a piece of IROKO wood and then, we emptied it in order to make room for the electronic parts of the lever. 

The place where these electronic parts are located, is closed at the back side with an aluminum plate so that, there won’t be any increasing weight. Also, at the back side we created a space, in which the cable is gathered in order to be ensured that it won’t get tangled and damaged. 

The lever’s dimensions are 26cm x 60cm x 5cm.


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16 / 01 / 2016 | Videos

DIY Stamp tool with AC transformer

Our creativity does not stop anywhere, so this time we made a remarkable tool. 

Watching various manufacturers, we noticed that they use metallic stamps that are heated and then they print the stuff or the object of their choice. 

Therefore, this time our creativity leaded us to create a tool that letters, numbers and logos will be applied and it will heat them by the simple touch of a switch. So, we took an adapter from an old microwave and we made some modifications on it. Then, we bought a cable of 16mm length in order to be able to handle the high volts of the electricity without being heated up. 

Also, we made a base where all the cables meet up and the stamps are located. Having this tool in our home, we are able to have our personal touch on our furniture as this invention is something unique. We could, even, reach an even greater outcome if we cut the stamps in cnc but we are very satisfied with our current tool as it is, at the moment.

Our tool’s dimensions are 20x20x18cm and it weighs 8 kilos. It is an exceptionally, useful tool for furniture that the manufacturer would like to be seemed as vintage and for leather and plastic, on which he would like to create an embossing print.


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