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Extreme car jack's design only for women's ease? not necessarily!!

That’s a must have car accessory for ladies as well as for busy men whose time really matters!

What happens if you get a flat tire while driving, in the middle of nowhere and your time is extremely limited? Oh! Poor you!! 
You’ll probably miss the meeting, or be late at work unless if you have an extreme electric car jack!! 

Changing a tire using a traditional car jack could be a really difficult and time consuming procedure, especially if you are a woman!! 
This electric car jack can definitely free your hands!  
You need to put no effort once it’s upward and downward movement is totally managed by a remote controller.  

What's more, it’s a great time saver compared to the traditional hand jacks, while it takes only 30 seconds to lift a car and 30 seconds to drop it down. Moreover, it can safely lift and hold up to 1000kg weight! 
It only needs to be connected with car cigarette lighter to operate! Sounds good??  

And that’s not all!! What about it’s cost??  Looks expensive?? Take a deep breath!! 
It only costs €20 to make!!  Could you believe that??  
It’s construction’s  low cost is due to the fact that it is made of the pieces of your old hand jack! 
(yeah!! Great way of recycle and reuse your old fashioned one!) And an old windshield wiper motor and some old bicycle’s gears and chain!!! 
Of course!! We dispose nothing!! That’s a way of living!!


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25 / 08 / 2015 | Videos

Extreme briefcase table

Exclusively for beach and beer lovers!!!!

This suitcase was design for four friends who really enjoy having fun on the beach.  
They love travelling around the country and visiting the great beaches!  
They just had difficulty on how to keep their beers freezing and how to fit a table in their small size cars.  
This was the extreme idea that solved  both problems at once!!  

A suitcase, which can fit up to 16 x 330cl beer cans and keep them cold for up to 6 hours when  filled with ice, and also hides an extendible  table!

What is more, the extendible table is equipped with four “hidden” cup holders and a “hidden”  card’s case.   
The suitcase was smartly designed to use the less possible space while offering the same benefits as a normal table. 
When it is closed, it’s height is only 20cm and  when it is opened, it reaches a height of 75cm.  It is easy to use as well as to move once it weighs about 11kgs when empty!!!

Year of construction: 2015


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25 / 08 / 2015 | Videos

What about old water pipes? Never throw them away!!

Story behind the construction:

It was in September 2014 when two friends were moving from an old house to a new one.  
While they were trying to empty the storage in the basement of the house, among other forgotten stuff, they found a small wooden box.  
A box filled with old, useless water pipes. 

They just thought to keep them as a sweet memory, just to remember their old basement.  
They could never imagine that those pipes could turn into such an amazing desk lamp for their seventeen year old daughter and also keep the memories alive forever!!!  
This lamp is the prove that the simplest materials mixed with a bit of imagination could give an impressive, eye-catching result!!

Year of construction: 2014


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22 / 08 / 2015 | Videos

If you love industrial design you should watch this!!

Reason for construction:

A couple from UK had just bought their new house. Once they were both “lovers” of industrial design, they decided to adopt this type of decoration for their house. 
This concrete table was the perfect finishing touch to give their new house a totally industrial design look. 

This table, is a wooden frame table, covered with plasterboard, and concrete blocks on the outside. 
The hollow wooden frame were used to achieve the less possible weight, while the plasterboard were used to maximise the adhesion level from concrete.  
Regarding the external surface  of the table (concrete), it should be mentioned that many tests have been made in order to achieve the highest quality of material that would prevent absorption. 
The table was painted with epoxy paint which gives shiny look to the table but also increases endurance and eliminates deterioration. 

Last but not least, the metal frame that surrounds the top of the table, were used not only to give the extra beauty, but also to prevent the corners and make them more resistant as well as to offer the highest level of safety and protect kids and any other users of the table.

Year of construction: 2014

Materials used: timber, plasterboard, concrete mix, epoxy paint, metal frame


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22 / 08 / 2015 | Videos

No central heating?? Cold weather calls for an extreme fireplace!!

Purpose/ story of construction:

This is an extreme fireplace, a structure anyone would love! 
It was made for a friend whose house was very old.  
There was not central heating, and tenants were totally exposed to low temperatures during winter once it was not thermal insulated.  

The only “source” of heating was the old fireplace in the living room which was not enough to cover the heating  needs of the rest of the house.  
The “challenge” came  once they asked for a structure that would heat the bedroom but it should be the less time consuming  as well as the cheapest possible solution. 
After a long consideration, we end up with a great idea of constructing a “hanging” fireplace without base (to reduce costs).  

This fireplace was made of an old gas cylinder (recycle/reuse) to avoid any unnecessary expense and  minimise the total cost of the structure.  
Ceramic glass was used for the fireplace’s door to maximise the resistance in the very high temperatures.  
The combustion speed can be managed by the regulated air intakes and this can easily increase or reduce the fireplace’s efficiency according to the user’s needs.   

Another advantage of the “hanging” fireplace is that it can easily turn to any direction once there is not a base.  
The most remarkable point if this structure is that, contrary to other fireplaces, here, it is the fireplace which is been supported by the chimney and not the chimney from the fireplace. 

The competitive total cost, the high efficiency and the impressive external appearance makes this fireplace a unique structure. 

Year of construction: 2013


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