25 / 12 / 2015 | Videos

Coffee table that can be also transformed into a dining table

What we have created this time? 

We have manufactured a coffee table that can be also transformed into a longer table for dining… 

Why we have created this table? 
The reason, of course is obvious and simple as there are houses that are not very spacious with small rooms that will not be able to have both of these kinds of table separately. 
So, creating this flexible idea and making something so practical like this coffee table made of glass with a glass surface that can also be turned into a dining table for 8 people with a wooden surface combined with metal in both cases, we found you the solution of having two tables in one. 

The dimensions of the coffee table are 100cm x 80cm x 32cm while turning it into a dining table becomes longer and its dimensions are 100cm x 160cm and 75cm

The table is constituted by a metallic framework and when it is closed, you can see the black glass on its surface but when it is open, a metallic lattice is appeared lined with IROKO wood.
Nevertheless, it is a very usable manufacture as springs and pistons support its weight while it is opening and when the table gets taller, a safety lock prevents it of going down by still supporting its weight.

Therefore, we found the best solution for having a beautiful, functional and an impressive table in our living room.


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12 / 12 / 2015 | Videos

It's possible to use the angle grinder as a blower! Find out how

Just by making two new metal accessories!
That’s right! I just had the idea of making a metal frame which will be screwed and attached on my angle grinder and a propeller which would be attached at the point where the discs would normally be placed.   
Then i placed a safety cover and that was it! A new very useful tool had just been ready!!  

Then it was time to try it! It really works!!
When the angle grinders is plugged and turn on, the propeller rotates in very high speed, creates and transfers air in high pressure through the metal frame! 

This tool is extremely useful when you have to clean your garden or yard from any dirt like leaves falling from trees.  

The creation of those two accessories was very useful once using those two combined with my angle grinder, I will never use to buy a blower.
I can easily transfer my angle grinder into a blower at any time! I know, it would possibly cost less money to make and would probably be easier to use (lighter weight) If I would make the accessories out of plastic instead of metal, but in my opinion, most of the times metal accessories tend to be more resistant.


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03 / 12 / 2015 | Videos

Guess what! Another briefcase is here. What does it hide this time

This one is a portable bench!!  
Following the, known to all, extreme briefcase (the extendible portable table) which had a great success, make it extreme comes back with a second briefcase which hides an extendible bench this time! So, alone or in combination with the first briefcase, it can satisfy even the most pretentious ones!

At first sight, this is just a 54cm x 40cm x 20cm briefcase, but pressing a button the transformation begins and the folding bench is revealed using two springs.
When opened, the bench reaches 130cm in length. 

The briefcase is made of iroko wood and the folding movement was achieved using metal mechanical scissors which were installed in the briefcase. When the bench is opened, any weight exerted (either from a sitting person or anything else placed on the bench) is being vertically directed to the earth through the wheels that were installed on the bottom of the bench in order to prevent overloading. 

The wooden parts were attached to each other using a proper kind of glue and bronze pegs in golden colour which give a unique beauty to the final project! Not only is this project beautiful, but it is also handy and easy to carry once it weights only 22kgs and can fit in almost every car’s bootlid (even in the very tiny ones).  

Another useful as well as a clever project by make it extreme which comes to remind us that nothing is impossible if you really want to do it!! It is undoubtedly another unique piece of make it extreme’s collection!



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