25 / 11 / 2015 | Videos

With this mailbox you will never miss your post again

That's our new mail box made in November 2015 and it is a bit different from the usual ones!! Not only the appearance but also the function of this mailbox differ from the usual ones and those differences really make it extreme! This one is made of 2mm metal sheet and marri wood.

The main advantage and the actual reason of construction is the fact that residents can have access without the use of keys. 

The mailbox operates using a remote control. The door opens when the first button is pressed.  Pressing the second button a light is turn on which gives the ability to collect post even in night time.  Moreover even if the residents do not have the remote control , they can easily have access using a secret password (on the  panel).  

There are four remote controls so every member of the family can have access and the remote controls can be hanged on the keyring.   

The most impressive characteristics of this mailbox are:  the fact that instead of disposable batteries, a small 12v solar panel was installed, which continuously  recharges the battery and also the fact that when an envelope is put in the mailbox, an sms will automatically be sent to your mobile phone informing you that you got a new letter from post!!   

Furthermore, it is waterproof and equipped with extra space for leaflets and other advertising material. Its dimensions are 75 x25 x25cm!


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14 / 11 / 2015 | Videos

Extreme carriage for wood trunks! A must if you have a fireplace!

For those cold rainy nights in winter, when lighting the fireplace is the only possible way to keep the house warm, this extreme carriage seems to be the only solution!! 

Not only does it give an extreme look to the living room but also helps me keep the trunks in the house and use them at anytime!! The trunks do not get wet and I do not need to run in the rain to bring the trunks in!! It is a clever way to keep me organised!! 

Furthermore, once there are wheels, this makes it easy to use (even my daughter's 10 year boy can "drive" if necessary! The shape of a real carriage was nothing but random!! I was really inspired from those old romantic ages as seen on movies... 

I just wanted to give the living room a sense of romance coming from the past. 
Once it is made of timber and metal this carriage really fits the winter mood. 

I should say that once it's made extreme, it could never be only a carriage to move and save the trunks!! As you can see there is a mechanism on the front which might look strange at first sight but if you look better you will see it is just a mechanism producing air to help the lighting process!! That mechanism was made using a propeller that when rotating produces and pushes the air through the rubber tube. 

The wheels are metal rims coated with wood which was then covered with rubber material. 
Main colours include silver and black (paints) while wooden surfaces were made of marri wood which was painted with clear and light walnut paints...


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