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Making propane forge

Blacksmithing is the ancient art that refers to the process of metal in order to make tools, objects, ornaments and various other things. It is still considered as a particularly, interesting activity and not so as a profession but mostly as a hobby as the state of the art equipment that it is used nowadays, makes the whole procedure easier and faster. Additionally, many professional and amateur blacksmiths impress us with their incredible creations which are undoubtedly works of art, pieces of valuable worth. 

Therefore, we came up with the idea to make a necessary tool used by blacksmiths and this is an oven that heats the metal placed in it in order to be bendable and easy to be shaped by the blacksmith. First of all, there are various ways to heat a metal such as using coal with air like they used to do it many years ago. Also, by using the phenomenon of induction, ovens using electrical elements or gas oven. This particular construction numbered 0074 is a gas oven that uses a burner of venturi. 

To start with, we took an old tank taken by an old compressor of 80 litres of air captivity. Firstly, we cut its two edges in order to make two ports that will be able to open to clean the oven if necessary. Next, we removed the parts of it that always stay open as there is the place where the objects are put in order to be heated.

Furthermore, on the top surface of the oven we placed six burners of venturi that we made them and they are capable to automatically absorb the amount of air that is needed to achieve the most desirable heating of the oven inside. Achieving the best heating of our oven, we also manage greater temperature, faster heating and better performance.

To make the burners, we used nozzles that are used for welding having a 0,6 mm hole. On these nozzles we used a thread to put the ‘butterfly’ that controls the insertion of the air in order to reach the best possible outcome. We made the procedure which the conduits of the gas are bifurcated to end up to the burners in such a way in order to use as much as we need from the six as a result to consume less gas if we are making something small.

Regarding the temperature of the oven, to keep the oven warm and prevent the increase of the temperature outside the oven we used ceramic fibre as an insulating material as well as at the bottom part of the oven, we added a special concrete that is tolerant in temperatures of 1400c as we wanted a hard surface at this place where the metals are located. 

Closing, we made a base for our oven to be at an ergonomic height. The oven was painted using fireproof paint tolerable in 800 c in black colour. Also, to try our oven, we made a knife during our limited free time. To sum up, we are very pleased by our oven’s performance as it is also very ergonomic. We hope to make many knives and other metallic objects in the future using our tool!

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