21 / 12 / 2018 | Videos

Making hydraulic puller

In many cases the people, who are occupied by making constructions, normally they have to remove pulleys from a motor or machines as well as ball bearings from axis and many other stuff. Therefore, we made our own tool for helping us in these cases. However, we tend to come across to pulleys and ball bearings in various sizes and as almost every time, the distances vary too, we decided to make a tool, which would be able to be adjusted in order to avoid using many other different tools. 

To achieve this, we used a hydraulic piston to provide us with a massive power of attraction and pressure without stressing ourselves. There are a lot of kinds of this type of tools that are hydraulic and others that provide power by using a screw. 

Initially, we started our construction by making a piston having an inner diameter of 30mm and ability to exert 3,5t in 250bar pressure. This piston can cover 15cm distance. Then, we screwed the piston on a metallic flange, on which sockets were located to enable the pieces that are caught on the pulleys and ball bearings to be inserted there. 

Also, we made enough accessories which are combined the one with the other according to each case that we come across every time.

In conclusion, we made this tool in such a way to be able to work like a small hydraulic press to put ball bearings, to bend metals and to drill various materials. We are very pleased with our tool’s performance as well as with the ergonomics of this tool with the number 0088.

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