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Hydraulic press machine

The great usefulness of this machine led us to the creation of the video 0077. For many people the hydraulic press that is presented on this video is just a machine with an amazing power but for the ‘make it extreme’ is a precursor of the amazingly, big press that we are planning to make in the future. However, this doesn’t mean that the current press is not useful enough as it is capable to meet the needs of the user covering the 90% of the tasks required for its use.

The hydraulic press is a metallic structure that is resistant to tensile loads and on its top, there is a hydraulic plunger that is able to exert a big, compressed load on an object that is located inside it. Also, it is useful for many tasks like compressing objects, jamming two metallic pieces to connect them in order to give a shape to metallic plates, unjamming and jamming the bearings as well as cutting metal pieces and other kinds of material and generally for multiple uses that require great compressing power.

The procedure of making our structure began since we had cut the pieces of our metallic press using a bar of 6 metres long, 15 cm width and 12mm thick and a metallic beam UPN 6 metres long, 16cm width and 7cm tall. The height we defined for our press is 180 cm and 83 width with net working width in 70 cm. Each piece which is 180cm tall was pierced 7,5 cm making holes of 35mm to have various gradations at the level of the task.

At the top of the metallic structure, we placed a hydraulic plunger of 80 mm width that provides us with power of about 15 tonnes. This plunger moves up and down having a distance of 40 cm taking hydraulic pressure by a power pack that we made in one of our previous videos. The power pack with the video no. 0068 can reach the 300 bars pressure and it can connect with other machines which use hydraulic plungers.

At the end of the plunger, we made a thread to be able to change the ‘‘heads’’ that exert pressure so that we can choose the proper one for each task. Another component that we used and it makes our press more ergonomic is a metallic ring which is placed at the end of the plunger. Two chains are also put on it to connect the working table of the press with the plunger so that the table can be moved up and down with equal power with the plunger. This has been done to avoid doing the whole procedure by hand straining the user’s body.

Finally, we completed our machine by painting the press in the green and black colour and we are very pleased for our creation.

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