14 / 10 / 2018 | Videos

Making an extending bicycle #1

We started making the construction of our new project considering the fact that is not only a mechanically interesting object, but it is also interesting during its function as well as we took under consideration the comical aspect of this idea. Therefore, we came up with the idea of making a bike that would make level modifications while moving thus it would be capable from a lower level to grow into a higher level and vice versa. 

Firstly, at this primary phase, we decided to make the pieces, with which the bike would be able to get in a higher level and then in the following videos, we will make our bike, on which we will apply the already mentioned pieces.
To make our bike go up and down, we used the power of suppressed air as it opens a pneumatic cylinder that lifts the weight as well as the weight of the bike. To cause this air pressure, we used a portable air compressor 12v, which compresses the air and saves it into two bottles taken by old fire extinguishers. We made that option as the fire extinguishers are already checked that can handle very high pressures (215bar). Although, the highest pressure that we used is up to 8,5 bar. 

After the two storage bottles of air, we also placed two valves. Therefore, when we move the lever of the one valve forward, the frontal part will go up and when the lever is moved on the other side, the frontal part of the bike will go down. In the same way, the second valve controls the back side of the bike. We created 3 pneumatic cylinders in order to place two in the front and one at the back. Normally, we should have the 2 pneumatic cylinders at the back and the 1 in the front but it would be more difficult aesthetically and constructively, so we decided to try it like this at first.

The pneumatic cylinders that we created, are made of aluminium and are accompanied with a tube that its internal dimension is 40mm and each of it is able to lift 65kg at 6bar.

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