14 / 09 / 2018 | Videos

Making a track drive trike (Part 2)

The second part of the construction 0086 was a pleasant procedure to have as the biggest part of this construction had been already completed during the first part of making it. At the second part of the construction, we had some improvements and we perfected our vehicle.

Initially, we changed the front wheels which are double in size than the previous ones and are ideal for irregular grounds. We placed disc brakes on them, which are activated on both wheels at the same time. Having these particular modifications on our vehicle, it became taller and now it is more capable of overcoming bigger obstacles on its way. Also, we regulated the central spring of the construction to be softer in order to absorb better the level of the volume of vibrations.

Changing the motor in such a construction was also an essential thing to do, as it was 50cc and now it became 250cc. The benefit we got from this change was that of having 5 gears. Therefore, now we can use the proper speed according to the ground our vehicle is used on and the power that is required to do so. Another advantage was that one of the gears goes backwards so the vehicle can be easily released in case it is trapped in narrow spaces where it cannot easily fit.

We also changed the chain of the move transmission to a thicker one in order to be more tolerant to the high powers of the machine. Additionally, at the crawler we applied some metallic pieces to avoid the contact between the crawler’s screws with the ground and to increase the adhesion on the mud. Then, we moved the spaces where we place our legs and feet in the vehicle to make it more comfortable and we empowered the steering wheel to be more tolerant.

Finally, we changed the springs of the crawler in order to achieve bigger openings whenever it passes over stairs and big stones. The experience making this construction was unbelievable and it will remain unforgettable in our memory.

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