19 / 04 / 2019 | Videos

Making MASSIVE electric vise

One of the most useful tools in the field of constructions is the vise. The make it extreme has made a heavy type of vise with the number 0063 that we use on a daily basis.

The vise that we created this time is electrical compared to our previous one which  was manual.

Our new tool opens and closes by pressing a pedal and its move derives from an actuator 24v capable of exerting power of 6000N. This power is interpreted to  the vice's jaws equal as 600kg or 1322,75 lbs. 

This vise provides you the benefit to have handsfree when you put a piece on it and it doesn't require body action during the tightening. Even if it can be used for multiple uses, it is more useful in holding pieces of wood during their agglutination as it makes the whole procedure faster, more relaxing and using greater strength in tightening. Also, it is bigger than those sold in the market as it is 90cm in size and its jaws are 27cm wide. Additionally, it can keep a piece between its two jaws of 40cm size.

The actuator opens up to 20cm so  we created a mechanism that the user can use the back jaws quickly and 20cm more backwards in order to place a piece bigger than 20cm. Therefore, we completed the first step by accomplishing an opening from 0-20cm and at the second step 20-40cm. Moreover, the source of electrification of the motor is a transformer of 240v ac inpout and 24v dc outpout.

This vise is considered very big in size as for its construction 150kg iron was used. This model of vise might have been easier to be hydraulic. We might make a hydraulic vise in the future. To conclude, we are very proud and pleased of adding and this vise in our workshop.

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