22 / 02 / 2019 | Videos

Engine driven hydraulic power unit

Most of the machines that we make are hydraulic as this kind of systems have great power and multiple applications. We have been using our tools in the shop as the hydraulic unit that we use is electric. Therefore, in places where there is no electricity, our hydraulic unit cannot be used. For this reason, we created a petrol-powered, hydraulic unit, which is capable to move our hydraulic machines not only inside the shop but also outside of it.

Firstly, we took a petrol-powered engine from a mowing machine and used some pulleys in order to connect a hydraulic pump on the engine. Then, we made an oil tank, from which the oil is derived and taken by the pump to send it where it is needed through a controller. Thus, we placed a manual controller. 

To sum up, this construction is very useful because it can move tools that enable the user to cut and drill various materials and lift big loads to spots that are electrically inaccessible. Although, this construction is easy to be made, it is very interesting and it has great usefulness.

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