31 / 01 / 2019 | Videos

Making hydraulic cutter and spreader

Inspired by the fire fighters' tools, we decided to make a hydraulic cutter, which will help us to our constructions. Most of us have already used scissors of cutting metal that is moved by the strength of hands.

It is a good tool but after using it for many hours it can be painful and tiring. Thus, we took the hard jaws from a hand scissors and we adapted it to a hydraulic piston.

Initially, we made a 50mm piston. We put a metallic piece on the piston and on this piece we adjusted  blades that are connected with the jaws of the scissors. As the piston is moving the blades are functioning as levers that open and close the scissors. The scissors that we used, it can be used for cutting metals of up to 12mm thickness. We could cut thicker metals  if we used bigger scissors.

Additionally, we made two calipers, which are placed on the same piston and they open and close from 0 to 25cm. This tool has multiple uses depending on the user's imagination. For example, it can lift a machine, pull out a wooden ballet, open a door etc.

To sum up, using this tool, we found it more comfortable and handy than we primarily thought. Therefore, at the 0089 place of the make it extreme's collection of constructions is owned by this amazing tool.

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