13 / 01 / 2020 | Videos

Making a reverse tilting trike

Although, tilting trikes were made some decades ago, they still seem strange but interesting. Even more and more creators are occupied by making these vehicles as they are in high demand and have more benefits than before. A tilting trike vehicle is one that leans over the side that it turns so it performs better balance while turning and better aerodynamic. 

Our own vehicle is called ‘reverse tilting trike’ because it has the two wheels on the front and the one at the back instead of the opposite like a common trike. The machine moves the back wheel which also leans while the front ones lean. The front wheels were taken from a car so that there are some drawbacks regarding the fact of taking this kind of turns as they do not have the suitable shape for this type of vehicle.

However, we used the particular kind as it was cheaper and easier to be found and used as well  it was efficient for our own presentation. Firstly, we used a 200cc motor taken by an old scooter. Even though, the vehicle seems relatively common from the outside, its driving behavior differs as it offers an unusual experience and a very good sense. Additionally, the mechanism that defines the tilting of the two wheels on the front is relatively, very simple. When the framework of the machine leans on the right side the wheels lean on the right side as well as all the parts move at the same time, too. The springs that can’t be moved simultaneously, they are moved on a seesaw, which is moved at the centre of the framework. This gives the potential to the springs to work from their initial position, which is in every tilt point, where the vehicle is located.

Finally, we painted the vehicle in the colours that we always paint the ‘make it extreme’ vehicles and these are orange, white, red and black. The outcome of this project is amazing and its driving behaviour is impressive so we remained satisfied by its performance. Our vehicle with construction number 0105 holds one of our three most favourite vehicles places in our collection; the other two are the monotrack and the monowheel.

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