01 / 11 / 2020 | Videos

Making a spindle sander

Spindle sanders are widely known machines, which are used for rubbing curvy pieces. The philosophy on how the rubbing is done is simple as cylinder sandpaper is being spinned by a motor while another motor is lifting up and down the sandpaper which smoothes the surface that comes in contact. 

In our case, we chose a motor taken by an old treadmill 240v dc and with power 2hp. It is a quite fast and strong motor having a good performance in using it. We also applied a collet er32 on our motor and we placed the components of various sizes for various sized sandpaper. As it was previously mentioned, while the motor is spinning the sandpaper a smaller motor is moving the other motor up and down. 

Achieving a smooth conduct of the movement, we used linear bearings 20mm id. The second motor that we chose is a wiper motor with two gears, a fast one and a slow one. In this way, we have the option to choose a faster or slower move for a better outcome. 

The table of our machine with the number 0112 was made by iron plate of 10mm thickness. By just using a simple mechanism, we managed to have a table which will be able to incline and rub curvy pieces which are variously curved and not just 0 degrees. 

Finally, there is still potential to set the spins on our spindle motor and that makes our machine more effective and secure. Even though, our creation is low in cost it was very time consuming to be made but we have reached our aim with absolute success giving us the pleasure of an exciting constructive journey.

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