DIY Stamp tool with AC transformer

16 January, 2016 | Videos

Our creativity does not stop anywhere, so this time we made a remarkable tool. 

Watching various manufacturers, we noticed that they use metallic stamps that are heated and then they print the stuff or the object of their choice. 

Therefore, this time our creativity leaded us to create a tool that letters, numbers and logos will be applied and it will heat them by the simple touch of a switch. So, we took an adapter from an old microwave and we made some modifications on it. Then, we bought a cable of 16mm length in order to be able to handle the high volts of the electricity without being heated up. 

Also, we made a base where all the cables meet up and the stamps are located. Having this tool in our home, we are able to have our personal touch on our furniture as this invention is something unique. We could, even, reach an even greater outcome if we cut the stamps in cnc but we are very satisfied with our current tool as it is, at the moment.

Our tool’s dimensions are 20x20x18cm and it weighs 8 kilos. It is an exceptionally, useful tool for furniture that the manufacturer would like to be seemed as vintage and for leather and plastic, on which he would like to create an embossing print.


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