Extreme rolling ball sculpture for bar

18 August, 2015 | Videos

Reaching, eventually, the 0099 project making a hammer this time, according to our taste and needs. There are many kinds of hammers and each one is made for specific tasks. Hammers can be made by various materials and in many different methods, but we decided to use lathe as the main tool for our construction. Therefore, we made a chisel hammer. This hammer is used to transfer the power of the hammer to the chisel as a result the chisel will then remove some material to the wooden surfaces. 

Firstly, we made the head of the hammer using a brass in golden colour and which is heavy enough for its size. We formed the head of the hammer to the shape that we wanted and we got the diameter we needed so that our fingers can be placed on it during its use. Then, we drilled it horizontally and we made a thread to be able to screw the grip.

The grip was made with aluminium to achieve a light weight. Even if the aluminium is a relatively soft material, in this case of our hammer due to its design and to the way the user holds the hammer, the grip allows almost no loads during its use. Therefore, making our hammer in this way with minor hits that are more controlled, great power is transferred to the chisel.

To conclude, this hammer is effective and enables us digging in metal and wood that require accuracy. Besides the uniqueness of each handmade hammer, such a creation improves the skills in the lathe and other tools.

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