Making E-Bike Battery

01 July, 2018 | Videos

Nowadays, we can see that the world turns to the electrical vehicles as they are silent, they don’t pollute the environment, they are economical and most importantly their current functional performance is sufficiently good.  The reason that their performance has been now increased is because of the batteries that have been created which are very efficient, light and quickly rechargeable. Therefore, we have decided to make our own battery that will be able to feed the vehicles that we will make in the future. 

First, we took some lithium batteries 3,7n and we attached the one with the other in a row. Every cell of battery contains 13 batteries, the one connected with the other as a result we have 52n in the end. Then, we connected 4 cell of 13 batteries alongside so that our battery has 8,2 Ah stamina. 

To make all the above combinations possible, though, a special device must be used and it is called ‘protection board’. The role of the particular electrical device is to make the batteries balance between each other, protect the battery from overheating and during its discharging as it keeps an amount of energy within the battery in order to have a longer stamina as well as it is responsible for its charging and discharging. In this particular case, we used a protection board 13s 45A.

To classify the batteries in a right order, we cut a case on an acrylic material and this case keeps the batteries stable to remain in a particular row and place. On this case, we created some points where the contacts that connect the one battery with the other are located. The advantage that we gained creating this case is that the batteries don’t need spot welder. After, we had connected the cables from the protection board to the batteries, we made a ventilated box in which we put our battery. The box protects the battery from damage or rubbing and coming in contact with the environment. Also, it gives a more elegant appearance to our battery.

To sum up, our device with the video number 0084 ended with success and we are very happy that now we have the opportunity to try new electrical devices and vehicles.

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