Belt Grinder

16 June, 2016 | Videos

After all the requests that we received from our subscribers inquiring to watch how a belt grinder is made, we decided to make one. Therefore, our new structure with the number 0038 is a fact. 

Firstly, we got an oval-shaped flange of 5mm thickness and this is how we made the base of our machine. Then, we designed and cut the shape of the belt grinder from a metallic plate of 5mm thickness and we welded it vertically on the oval base. 

Choosing a very powerful motor of 2hp and 3000rpm, we adjusted it on our base in 90 degrees with the frame of the belt grinder. On the axis of the motor, we placed an aluminum wheel that we made it on the Lathe having 8cm diameter and it is used to revolve the belt from the sandpaper. We also made three smaller wheels on the lathe that are revolved freely and the belt of 72’’ length revolves by the use of the motor on them. These three, free wheels were made by aluminum and their diameter is 5cm. The two wheels were placed motionless on the frame of our structure so that our belt would revolve and move vertically according to the base of our machine. The third of the wheels was placed on a moveable lever which is moved up and down to regulate the stretching of the belt and to help in its change when it is needed. However, the use of the third wheel is not only limited in keeping the belt stretched but also in regulating its move on the right and on the left so that when a screw is revolved, we will be able to choose how left or right our belt will be declined in order to ensure that the belt will be moved at the center of our wheels and not going out of the sidelines of the wheels’ frame. 

Then, we created a base, in which are placed the objects that will be rubbed in order to ensure our stability and security while using it. Also, a base at the side of our machine, gives us the opportunity to use various components depending on the work or the outcome that we aim to achieve. The belt used, has 72’’ length and 2’’ width. To sum up, the belt grinder is a very useful machine as you can use it to sharpen, remove a material from iron or wood, give different shapes and even polish objects depending on the grit of the sandpaper that you use. This machine is great and can be activated by the simple touch of a switch that is located on its base!


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