Guess what! Another briefcase is here. What does it hide this time

03 December, 2015 | Videos

This one is a portable bench!!  
Following the, known to all, extreme briefcase (the extendible portable table) which had a great success, make it extreme comes back with a second briefcase which hides an extendible bench this time! So, alone or in combination with the first briefcase, it can satisfy even the most pretentious ones!

At first sight, this is just a 54cm x 40cm x 20cm briefcase, but pressing a button the transformation begins and the folding bench is revealed using two springs.
When opened, the bench reaches 130cm in length. 

The briefcase is made of iroko wood and the folding movement was achieved using metal mechanical scissors which were installed in the briefcase. When the bench is opened, any weight exerted (either from a sitting person or anything else placed on the bench) is being vertically directed to the earth through the wheels that were installed on the bottom of the bench in order to prevent overloading. 

The wooden parts were attached to each other using a proper kind of glue and bronze pegs in golden colour which give a unique beauty to the final project! Not only is this project beautiful, but it is also handy and easy to carry once it weights only 22kgs and can fit in almost every car’s bootlid (even in the very tiny ones).  

Another useful as well as a clever project by make it extreme which comes to remind us that nothing is impossible if you really want to do it!! It is undoubtedly another unique piece of make it extreme’s collection!



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