Extreme bottle cutting machine! Reuse and recycle old glass bottles!

04 September, 2015 | Videos

Inspired from green way of living!!  

When you care about the environment, then you are trying to save the environment in any possible way!!
The need of  adopting  ”go green” way of life, in this day and age where scientists “sounds the alarm” over the planet’s pollution and natural life’s disaster combined with the impressive look and the low cost glass made structures have, gave me the idea!! 

The inspiring idea of constructing a machine which would give me the opportunity to accurately cut glass bottles in order to reuse and recycle them, reducing the waste, and, as a result reducing the pollution on earth. 

Processed glass bottles cut in different pieces could be used to make great glass creations like glass ashtrays, impressive jewellery, unique pieces for home decoration, glass lighting covers and many more imaginative ideas!!
That’s a great way of processing unused glass bottles!

Ready for more great news??
Well!! The machine can cut bottles in any width any size and any shape!!! That’s right!! Not enough?? 
Well we have some more!!  
This extreme machine can cut in really high speed, without the need of using cold or hot water during the cutting process!! 
Last but not least,  the construction of the machine  was incredibly efficient once almost the whole machine was made of old materials we did not need any more (two old motors - one for rotating the bottle and one for cutting the bottle, and many old pieces of steel)

The only part of the machine which has been bought was the diamond disk to cut glass which was the only part that increased (a little bit) the construction’s total cost.  
Oh!!! There is something I totally forgot to mention but i know you really wonder about!! Are you interested in the performance level?? I can confirm it would satisfy the needs of the most demanding ones!!  


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