Making a velocity stacks for cafe racer

18 May, 2019 | Videos

A relatively easy construction is what we have made for this week compared to the rest that we have uploaded on our channel. In favour of a friend of us we made two velocity staks. Velocity staks or air horn are constructions that have a particular shape and are placed at the air intake of a machine. Even if people usually think that the placement of these constructions is only done to make something look better from the outside it has also a great functional importance. Additionally, they help in smooth air absorption of greater quantities of air when it is needed preventing the  air's turbulence causing a greater and smoother functionality of the motor. 

The material used is aluminium to achieve a light weight. A relatively simple construction and project that any inexperienced person in this field can do to develop his abilities in lathe. Thus, our 0098 project is ready making our cafè racer better and prettier!

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