Extreme car jack's design only for women's ease? not necessarily!!

28 August, 2015 | Videos

That’s a must have car accessory for ladies as well as for busy men whose time really matters!

What happens if you get a flat tire while driving, in the middle of nowhere and your time is extremely limited? Oh! Poor you!! 
You’ll probably miss the meeting, or be late at work unless if you have an extreme electric car jack!! 

Changing a tire using a traditional car jack could be a really difficult and time consuming procedure, especially if you are a woman!! 
This electric car jack can definitely free your hands!  
You need to put no effort once it’s upward and downward movement is totally managed by a remote controller.  

What's more, it’s a great time saver compared to the traditional hand jacks, while it takes only 30 seconds to lift a car and 30 seconds to drop it down. Moreover, it can safely lift and hold up to 1000kg weight! 
It only needs to be connected with car cigarette lighter to operate! Sounds good??  

And that’s not all!! What about it’s cost??  Looks expensive?? Take a deep breath!! 
It only costs €20 to make!!  Could you believe that??  
It’s construction’s  low cost is due to the fact that it is made of the pieces of your old hand jack! 
(yeah!! Great way of recycle and reuse your old fashioned one!) And an old windshield wiper motor and some old bicycle’s gears and chain!!! 
Of course!! We dispose nothing!! That’s a way of living!!


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