Another one for industrial design lovers!!!

01 October, 2015 | Videos

That was made just because I love industrial design!!

As you remember, I have already made a “concrete look” table before! 
The one that was constructed of timber but covered with concrete blocks to give that perfect industrial design look. 
For those who may missed that please follow the link here

After that first successful try, I felt the need to make a real concrete table, a table totally made out of concrete!!
What does make it extreme?? What does make it unique??  
It was the challenge of making a strong structure combined with nice look and a great colour, it was the clever idea of putting wheels to make movement easier, and of course, it was the huge weight (184kgs) and the odd shape.. yeap!! But it is also something you may didn’t notice!! 
It is the way of construction of this table, which creates an illusion and makes the space look larger than it really is!!  
In order to achieve this great table, we used our “made extreme”  polystyrene cutter machine (please follow the link here) to create a specific polystyrene mold for the construction of the table and give the concrete such an  impressive shape.

Materials used: making the concrete mix for this table was not a simple process. 

The decision of which materials (and in what quantities) to use, was made after a long research in order to achieve the highest possible quality.  

The mix was left in the mold for three days, then the mold was removed and the table was revealed!!! 
After the mold was removed, the table needed to be sand, and many times were spent in order to achieve the desired smoothing of surface. 
It was that time, when i felt I need to add something to make the difference!! 

I just made the decision to put a blue glass shelf which in contrast with the concrete colour gives that unique style to the table!  
What is more, the led downlights put under the shelf makes the table an unforgettable structure anyone would love!


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