Homemade drone catcher

18 July, 2017 | Videos

The last, few years, air drones have been widely known as they are remote-controlled, flying devices that are capable of filming and photographing while being on the air. Make it extreme team gives its own solution to the problem of the annoying drones that are flying in private places in this video. 

Although, we have seen various mechanisms instead of drones, our construction is unique and maybe it is the first homemade, anti-drone gun. Initially, our thought was simple, to create a gun with four barrels which would shoot a net with the help of compressed air and it would trap this flying device.  

First of all, we started making our construction taking two bottles of oxygen of one use only that are durable up to 150 bar. We chose these particular bottles as even after our processing on them, they are still safe to tolerate high pressures. Also, we used two bottles in order to have more litres of air. In one bottle, we put a car’s wheel valve where the air is entered in the bottles and in the other, we put an indicative clock of air pressure. Then, we attached these two bottles on a valve that controls the opening and the closing of the exit of compressed air from the tanks.

One of the most important factors for the right performance of the gun is how fast the valve will open and release the air. Therefore, we connected the valve with a strong spring that as soon as the trigger is pulled, the trigger also pulls  with pressure and speed the valve to open. Next, we bifurcated the air with four barrels. Also, we bifurcated the air with the same accessories in order to achieve exactly the same distribution of air in each barrel of our gun.

Regarding the barrels of the gun, we used aluminum tubes of 1 meter length. Additionally, we used a mechanism in the center of the gun that diagonally opens and closes the barrels so the gun can be regulated to shoot in a short or in a long distance. The net has four bullets on it that are inserted in the barrels and when the bullets are released with power, the net is drifted away with them. 

Closing, we would like to say that we are very proud of our construction as its performance was excellent and our successful shoots made us happy.

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