Making tank chair tracks

02 June, 2020 | Videos

The crawling vehicles are vehicles that often impress both aesthetically as well as for their capabilities.  They are, though more complicated to make them and more expensive than wheeled vehicles.

On the 0107 video, we are demonstrating how we are making the crawlers for a crawling chair that we are going to make in the next videos. Therefore, we chose a rubber  crawler rather than a metallic one in order to achieve lighter weight, less noise and lower cost. Thus, we cut the sided parts taken from two car tyres and kept the central parts. Then, we divided it and punctured it in 27 equal distances, where there are the parts that the crawler is urged to move through a sprocket.

Afterwards, we made the two metallic wheels, on which the rubber crawler spins. At the centre of the one metallic wheel, we placed a nine-teeth sprocket that we made. Furthermore, we added another 4 smaller wheels that cause the stretching and  suspension of the crawler. These wheels are metallic and polyurethane-layered as a result they are highly durable. They are supported on scissors that are connected with a spring so when the crawler finds an obstacle, the loads are absorbed by the spring.

To sum up, it was a very time-consuming and hard project and we are happy that we are going to use it in the future, too.

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