Making a Wood Chipper

01 December, 2019 | Videos

The wood chippers are constructions that are more and more in demand because they are very useful for various reasons. The wood chippers are machines that cut the branches and tree boles into small pieces. If you are keen on treating the trees and the gardens well, this causes the gathering of branches that are cut down. However, using a wood chipper the branches will be cut down into very small pieces therefore they will take up less space and their recycling will be easier too. These small pieces can be used to become a pellet for wood stoves as well as fertilizer for the soil. There are lots of types of these machines and each one has its pros and cons. 

The machine numbered 0103 is actually a big flywheel that has two blades on it. While a motor is spinning with high speed the flywheel the blades are cutting the big pieces of branches into very small pieces. Behind the blades, there are 4 wings that make air from the blades towards the exit of the machine. In this way, the branches are inserted from the entrance of the machine and after being cut, they are pushed by the feathered wings supported by the air that is created and then they are tossed out of the machine.

Finally, because the machine is for domestic use, it uses an electric motor 4hp for its movement. The performance of the machine is absolutely impressive and we are really satisfied with the outcome.

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