Making a big clothespin

29 January, 2018 | Videos

This huge clothes pin was the structure that we made the previous week with the number 0076. We took the decision to involve ourselves in the procedure of making such a structure in favour of a very good friend’s request. Besides of being a decorative piece in his store, he will also use it to place pieces of his work as his working place is also his showroom.

To start with, we collected 4 pieces of 30cm width and 240cm length made of pine board. Then, we cut all of them to shape a clothe pin to avoid declination of the one piece to the other. Next, we cut them in stripes of 40cm that formed the width of the clothespin. Also, to shape the circles, we put an aluminium stick on the router and we used it as a protractor. While, to shape the width of the circles, we cut the 12 pieces of each circle of 40 cm length inclining at the two sides at 15 degrees. 

Lastly, as we completely shaped the two sides of the clothespin, we made a gigantic spring to connect them, making our big clothes pin functional. Making a rough machine to make the spring and using a metallic, circular stick of 14mm and 6m length, we managed to make this big spring. Afterwards, we painted the spring in yellow colour and the wood in dark grey. In conclusion, we must admit that we are unbelievably satisfied with the outcome as we created an amazing piece of furniture.

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