Need to make a particular mold? Use this Polystyrene cutter!

24 September, 2015 | Videos

A polystyrene cutting machine!! That’s a must for the creative ones!! 

Can be used to make molds, models, candles, and much more inspired ideas!!  
The main advantage of this machine is that it cuts polystyrene without leaving any rags, as a result, prevents “messy” working space. 

It can easily cut large surfaces, with no effort. It cuts angles of any degrees once the cutting surface can be adjusted and set to any degrees according to the requirements. 
It could cut many pieces of polystyrene at the same time according to the elements used. 
The cutting height is adjustable and you can set the required height using the accessories which come with the machine. 
Another advantage of this machine is that the cutting wire can be replaced with a thinner or a thicker once and this gives the flexibility to cut different widths with high accuracy! 
When used in combination with a lot of imagination, it can produce unbelievable stuff!!  It has infinite uses and can create many different products and a huge number of complementary tools.

The total cost for the construction is very low (about 80 Euros). It weighs about 25 kg and its dimensions are W75cm x D75cm (the height is adjustable according to the requirement).  
The total height when not in use and when all the accessories are placed on their position is 20cm.
It can be either fitted on a work bench of stand on the floor...
Either on the work bench or on the floor, the user must be very careful when using this machine once the cutting wire reaches very high temperatures when in use.

The materials used for this machine were: metal pieces, timber, wires, a transformer, elements, screws, paint. It is an easy to make machine but a very useful one!!

Year of construction: 2015


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