Making double acting cylinder with double piston rod

29 March, 2019 | Videos

Another construction of the make it extreme team is here to be admired by the fans of hydraulics. Even if we have made many hydraulic pistons in many of our costructions, this time we have made a piston which has something different.

While the rod at the common pistons exerts and moves from the one side of the cylinder,  the rod of this piston moves in both sides of the cylinder. The particularity of this piston benefits its uses and its applications.

The piston that we made has inner diameter of 30mm. In both sides we placed the component, from which the rod passes through and we stuck the piston at the center of the one-piece rod. In this way, the piston is able to function from both sides.

To sum up, it was a very pleasant and handy construction that certainly will be used in one of our future constructions!

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