Electromagnetic drill press vise

06 September, 2017 | Videos

An electromagnetic vise made for our drill press is our 72nd construction. The usefulness of our vise is huge as most of the times the common vice is not able to hold the piece of material in order to drill it and its support is unstable, so the whole procedure is very time consuming. Therefore, making this vise we can hold bigger and smaller pieces of material in irregular shapes and thickness and still be able to easily drill without any special procedure to support them, in advance.

Initially, we took an old blade of 20cm x 55 x 1cm and we conglutinated two metallic angles 55cm long on it, so we set the spots where our vise would be screwed at the sockets of the table of the drill press. On the upper side of the blade, we shaped two metallic boxes, which are dragged to the whole surface of the blade and they are immobilized to the position we want.

Moreover, we put two modified transformers in each metallic box that we took from old microwaves. Then, we immobilized the transformers using a resin as well as straightening the upper side so that the surface that holds the objects, be completely flat. 

The power supply of these two electromagnets is 12vdc 20a. Also, the two coils in each electromagnet are attached the one with the other and each of them gets activated by a switch. Thus, we can use one of each separately or both of them together. 

Finally, we painted our construction in green and black colour. Also, we got impressed by its retaining strength. In addition, it is relatively a very cheap construction and it also encourages the recycling of old appliances. Moreover, it can be made in various sizes and shapes according to someone’s needs. Closing, a very useful electromagnetic vise for knife makers for instance, would be one that inclines in order to sharpen at the right degrees but it could be also used in many other cases.

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