Making an extending bicycle #3

27 November, 2018 | Videos

The third part of the construction 0087 has been completed in a very pleasant way as our construction was completely functional providing us with a great pleasure. At the third video of our construction, we placed a motor of 1000w and 3000rpm on our bike in order to be able to be moved electrically. 

Regarding the power supply of the motor, we used the construction made at the video 0084. Going back to that video, is demonstrated how we made a battery that can move a bicycle without using our feet for about an hour. The motor and our battery are 48v. The speed of the bike is controlled by a throttle that is located on the steering wheel. 

Our electric bike’s speed limit is 43km. The motor was attached to the back wheel with a chain which is not connected to the pedals so if the rider lets the pedals still the motor will move the bike. 

Then, we removed all the pieces of the bike and we painted it in colours of orange, red and white which are the colours that we normally paint our vehicles. We also tested our vehicle at the seafront of our town aiming to expose it to many people and to entertain them with the presence of this unusual bike. 

Finally, when the bike stands tall at its highest level is 1,85 tall and the head of the rider reaches the height of 2,80cm tall, which is a very high point compared to a normal bicycle. We are very satisfied with the great function of all the mechanisms of our bike as well as with the people’s smiles in the presence of this unusual construction!

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