Making an extending bicycle #2

09 November, 2018 | Videos

As we used the pieces that we had made in part one of the construction 0087, we carried on with the procedures of making this special bike. In this video, we made a metallic framework by a metallic tube. On the framework, we placed a bearing, where the steering wheel and the pedals move. Then, on the steering wheel, we set two air pistons and in extent on them, we placed the front wheel. Thus, when the air pistons widen, the front part of the bike gets higher. 

We, also placed another two air pistons at the back side of the bike. The difference is that at the back side the pistons were placed between the framework and the scissors, on which the back wheel is placed. The scissors that we made at the back side is long enough so when it opens, the back side of the bike gets high enough in order to reach the same level of the front part. 

One of the challenges while considering making this construction was to keep the same length of the chain while the big move of the scissors is made. This problem, though, was solved as the center of the scissors has the same center of spinning with the gear of the chain. In this way, the chain keeps the same length while the scissors are moving.

At the centre of the bike, we placed the bottles and the air compressor. While on the steering wheel, we placed the valves, which control the opening and the closing of the pistons. Therefore, our bike can get higher and lower. This bike is one of a kind and we created it as this project is considered as an amazing constructive challenge. We are not only happy about the outcome of our construction, but we are also amazed how well it functions generally. To sum up, this construction represents the name of our team ‘make it extreme’ in a great extent.

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