DIY electric rotary gun | 50 shots per second

18 March, 2018 | Videos

This time’s project was made with a great, constructive interest as its construction required a lot of imagination, concurrency and accuracy. Our aim was to make an electric gun that would be able to shoot 50 bullets per second. Although, initially the speed of the bullets seemed inconceivable after having our calculations made, we saw that it might be possible. 

It is widely known that electric guns have a great potential regarding the repetitive bullets’ shooting. Therefore, we decided to make a rotary electric gun. It is the second gun that the ‘make it extreme’ made as the first one was the ‘homemade antidrone catcher’, which pleased our viewers a lot.

Our structure was started by taking a piece of scroll air compressor that is an aluminium piece, on which there is a spiral aluminium wall of 3.5mm tall. The spiral wall forms the barrel of our gun as inside the trigger, the bullet speeds up with the help of a piece which is rotated by the motor. The motor rotates the piece that urges the bullet and then the bullet is riffled at the end of the spiral barrel. As longer the route that needs to be covered by the barrel is as longer the speeding of the bullet will be according to the use of the proper motor. The motor that we used is not very strong as it is only 30 w 24 volt 3000rpm. Knowing that in each rotation the gun might insert a bullet in the barrel we came to the conclusion that theoretically, at 3000rpm 3000 bullets will be entered in the barrel reaching our initial aim which is 50 bullets per second.

Underneath the spiral barrel, we put the bearing in which there is an axis that rotates the mobile part of the gun and this is a disc with a notch that indicates the point where the bullet is urged and speeds up in the gun barrel until its exit. On the mobile, aluminium plate that is rotated, there is a box, where the bullets are placed. By pulling the trigger, the bullets pass through the rotary plate and start their way through the barrel.

The motor is placed at the back side of the barrel and spins the mobile part of the gun through a drive belt and of pulleys. To give motion to our motor, we used the batteries 18650 which are exceptionally light and are charged very quickly as well as perform better than any other type of battery.
Moreover, our gun is capable of shooting spherical shots both plastic and metallic from 6mm to 9mm. In our video, we used plastic shots 8mm as our goal was not the damage but the constructive philosophy of making this gun and the entertainment that we earned during the procedure. 

In the end, we got amazed with the speed of the gun as well as with its power considering its relatively weak motor. Achieving such a great success in this project, we are motivated enough to already plan to make a bigger and more powerful gun in the future.

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