No central heating?? Cold weather calls for an extreme fireplace!!

22 August, 2015 | Videos

Purpose/ story of construction:

This is an extreme fireplace, a structure anyone would love! 
It was made for a friend whose house was very old.  
There was not central heating, and tenants were totally exposed to low temperatures during winter once it was not thermal insulated.  

The only “source” of heating was the old fireplace in the living room which was not enough to cover the heating  needs of the rest of the house.  
The “challenge” came  once they asked for a structure that would heat the bedroom but it should be the less time consuming  as well as the cheapest possible solution. 
After a long consideration, we end up with a great idea of constructing a “hanging” fireplace without base (to reduce costs).  

This fireplace was made of an old gas cylinder (recycle/reuse) to avoid any unnecessary expense and  minimise the total cost of the structure.  
Ceramic glass was used for the fireplace’s door to maximise the resistance in the very high temperatures.  
The combustion speed can be managed by the regulated air intakes and this can easily increase or reduce the fireplace’s efficiency according to the user’s needs.   

Another advantage of the “hanging” fireplace is that it can easily turn to any direction once there is not a base.  
The most remarkable point if this structure is that, contrary to other fireplaces, here, it is the fireplace which is been supported by the chimney and not the chimney from the fireplace. 

The competitive total cost, the high efficiency and the impressive external appearance makes this fireplace a unique structure. 

Year of construction: 2013


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