Making Garden Spiral Hole Drill Planter

31 May, 2019 | Videos

In our effort to make this week’s project 0094, we took the decision to make an easy project but very functionable, easy to use and useful. We made a tool that is placed in every drill and enables us to drill holes on the ground for planting various plants. Nowadays, many people plant flowers and various plants either for creating a garden or for having their own biological production of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, this drill hack makes planting a faster, more restful and pleasing procedure.

First of all, we started doing this project by taking a metallic, circular rod, on which we created a thread using sheet metal. This thread compared to the threads used on a screw has a lot of depth and there is a lot of space between them. Particularly, the thread that we have created is based on the thread discovered by Archimedes. This is a thread used for the transfer of materials like soil sand, water and other things. 

On the outer layer of this thread we put a tube that on the outside has a conical shape of three degrees. His top part is thicker and gets thinner as it gets closer to the edge of the auger. This tube is pressured by a spring and covers all the thread besides the initial spirals. In this way, when the spiral auger spins and screws, the tube gets lower and is wedged in the ground as a result the tube stops spinning and the soil sand comes to the top with the spiral auger through the tube. 

The functional outcome of this project is not to need exerting resistance against the screwing of the screw in order to make our tool restful for the user. Also, the tube in the conical shape holds the walls of the hole that we drill constantly to prevent the refilling of the soil sand before the planting. Thus, we just made a simple but an extreme project as well as an amazing drill hack!

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