How such a grenade would be useful in your living room

09 January, 2016 | Videos

What this invention is all about?

This time we have manufactured an unusual grenade regarding its size and its function.
Could you guess how such a grenade would be useful in your living room besides of using it just for decoration?

The team of Make It Extreme decided to create a grenade that would hide a special mechanism inside it so that, the user would be able to drink water, make tea and hot coffee from it.
You are probably wondering, how we managed that? 
Well, we made a metallic framework plating it with metal foils, so we created a special grenade with 60cm height, 28cm diameter and 13kg weight.

Regarding the inner side of this remarkable creation, we put a stainless steel basin in which the water can be located. Then, we put a kettle that we found from an old household utensil. After making some modifications on it, we made it suitable for boiling the water in the right temperature that we want with the help of a heating switch. Therefore, having the opportunity to switch it into the right temperature, we choose the ideal temperature for our tea or coffee.


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