Do you like making stuff out of glass?? Glad to hear it!!

11 September, 2015 | Videos

Do you like making stuff out of glass?? Glad to hear it!! 

It might be easier to buy it from a shop. I know!! But for those, like me, who have “passion for creation”, buying it ready would be everything but satisfactory! 
Well, I really enjoy making stuff using glass! I just love them all!! The problem was that I could not easily alter the shape of glass pieces and cut them to be used in different new structures. 

The solution to that was this extreme multifunctional machine!!
The biggest challenge was the lack of space in my workshop!!  The space for glass processing stuff was very limited and thus, i had to make a multifunctional machine for glass alteration. 
It was difficult and time consuming, but the result definitely worth it! Don’t you thing??
I’ve just made it!! My little miraculous one!!!  it’s dimensions are 60cm(L) x 60cm(W) x 45cm(H)
A real space saving one, however it can do (almost) everything!! It can cut pieces of glass, smooth glass pieces and also smooth the cut edges of the glass. 

The results are just amazing! 
It can give any shape to glass pieces, giving me the opportunity to use glass in combination with other materials (like pieces of tree trunk) and create fabulous imaginative objects!
You may think “so what?  Just another glass grinder”!!  What does make it extreme???
Hold on a second!! Good news is that grinder heads can easily be changed!! Using a smaller or a larger head gives the freedom of smoothing, and thin the glass as much as you like!! 
Also gives the opportunity to work faster or slower according to the user’s needs at anytime. 

What is more, glass of any kind and any size, (even the broken ones that you would throw away), could be used to make amazing items!!! 
You are not throwing glass anymore!! 

It is the one helps me recycle any piece of glass and reduce the pollution!! I just love the planet i live in!! That’s a new way to save it!! 

What about the construction of the machine? 
Are you interested to know that?? Well, i have to admit that it was one of the most complicated ones, really time consuming and many different materials were used for it’s constructions. 
It operates using a motor from an old concrete mixer. Electric switches and wires, timber, rubber mats, screws, paints and of course metal pieces are some of the materials used to create the incredible look and reach the highest efficiency of this glass grinder / cutter!!


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