It is undoubtedly a unique decorative structure!

31 October, 2015 | Videos

An alternative way to give an unforgettable look to your living room!! Who would be able to forget it after looking at that??
Probably the most breathtaking, even the most terrifying object you could find in someone's house!! A gun!! 
Hold on!! That's not a real one, however it's much bigger than the actual size and this would be enough to catch your eye!! 
You'll probably wonder what the hell is that giant gun doing in the living room!! 

Well, I ll give you the answer below!!
I just wanted to impress my visitors!! I just wanted to give my living room my personal touches that no one would forget once see!!! 
What could be more impressive than an extreme structure made by Make it extreme?? The thing was that I should think of something very interesting!! 
Something that my friends would love!! They are all lovers of action movies, trying to investigate every crime case and of course they are addicted to ....gun stuff!! 
That was the reason I decided to make a giant gun!!!
But wait a minute!!! My friends also love beer!! How would I combine those two things!! Nothing could be better than an extreme beer can dispenser in the shape of a gun!!! 

Really cool idea!! Do you find that an interesting project?? Are you wondering how was that made??
You can find all the details below!!
The most impressive thing about this gun is that it really works! It actually has excactly the same function as a real gun! The only difference is that instead of  "shots to death" this one gives shots of beer!!
You only have to fill the magazine with beer (or soft drinks cans if you are not one of the alcoholic drinks lovers!) then target your thirsty friend, press the trigger and the drink will blast off through the barrel!!
Regarding the construction part it was a real challenge for make it extreme!! And it was also a structure which added great  experience and knowledge to the team!! 
It was a very difficult but full of pleasure working time!!

Firstly I made the fixed part of the gun, where the moving parts would be placed on. The gun was made of a metal tube and iron plate.
After the fixed part was done, I should find a way to cause movement of the moving parts. ! Thus, I decided to modify  an old car window’s mechanism! That mechanism  would to be used to cause movement of a chain which would then be connected to an accessory and would be able to move forward as well as backwards once it is driven by rails. Then a switch was installed on the trigger which would cause (when pressed) the movement through the rail.
In order to prevent any damage to the mechanism, a limit switch was installed at the beginning as well as at the end of the rail which disable the function of  the motor at the end of the movement.

When pressing the trigger, the mechanism  takes the can from the magazine, pushes it through the barrel and reaches the target (gets into someone’s hands). 
When leaving the trigger, the motor return to the initial position, ready for the next shot!!
The motor operates using a rechargeable battery which is placed in the gun. Also in the gun, a pump was placed together with joints and a closet. Through the closet the cold water can pass between  the cans! 
A waterproof box (in the shape of a bullet) was also designed as an independed part of the structure! in there, there is cold water and ice!the pump which was placed in the gun can convey  cold water from the bullet to the gun, just by pressing a button, and pass it through the cans in order to keep low temperature of the cans as desired! 

When the construction parts were all done, it was time for the design phase! That great shape and the look of a real gun were achieved using timber and metal as the main materials of this structure! 

The dimensions of the gun are 100cm x70cm x25cm. Some paints (light walnut colour) were also used to paint the wood that was used for the handle of the gun.


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