Making HYDRAULIC hand pump

15 March, 2019 | Videos

The make it extreme has shown its passion for the hydraulic systems through the various constructions that it made as most of our projects have been made with them. This time, we have decided to make a manual, hydraulic pump, which can be used to transmit the oil with pressure to the various tools that we make. 

The manual, hydraulic pump is a construction which through it the human strength is turned into pressure. The pump that we made has the potential to reach the 300 bars or in other words the 4350 psi. The exciting part of this project is that we used very few already-made accessories and this exceeds the pleasure that we get during its making.

In order to pump and push the oil, our construction needs to use a small piston that the human can open and close by using a lever. The lever multiplies the power that is exerted on the piston and that is basically our pump. The small size of the piston needs lower power to be moved compared to a bigger in diameter piston of the equal pressure. By using this piston and two one-way valves, our pump has been completed.

When the piston is lifted up, the oil passes through a cylinder but when the piston declines then the oil is necessarily exited from the one of the two valves without being able to return. In this way, when the lever goes up and down, the piston pumps the oil and transfers it to a particular exit that is used to move our hydraulic machines and tools. However, to resend the oil to the tank of the pump and to control the decrease of the pressure that we exert, we use a regulator valve.

Even though, it seems a simple construction to make, it has many challenges and it is incredibly handy. Some of its advantages are that its silent, user-friendly, portable, has a great power of pressure, it is small in size and safe to be used. We can’t describe how happy we are for the amazing function of our construction 0092 and of course we are also pleased with the design that we made!

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