Jet propane torch for metal melting foundry

25 June, 2016 | Videos

This time, our structure is a burner, which will be used in our upcoming video. The particular burner will indicate the temperature that currently exists inside the oven the one that we are going to make in order to be able to melt aluminum and other minerals. Our burner combines the air and the propane to create their proper combination aiming to achieve the perfect combustion. 

To make this burner, we used compounds and metallic pieces of tubes that we use for plumbing. Also, we made two entrances, from which the air is inserted to the one and the propane is inserted to the other while both are met and end up in a tube where if they get flamed they will get burnt. Regulating the air and the propane, we get the ‘perfect’ combustion. At the entrance, where the air is inserted, we used a regulator that controls the flow of the air that we want to provide. While the flow of the propane is controlled by a valve that we placed. 

Additionally, we placed a watch on the flask of propane to get the ideal flow of propane by it. Therefore, lighting up the burner from the front and regulating the mixture of air and propane, we get a very powerful and impressive flame, which can warm the oven that we are making, giving us the best possible outcome!


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