If you love industrial design you should watch this!!

22 August, 2015 | Videos

Reason for construction:

A couple from UK had just bought their new house. Once they were both “lovers” of industrial design, they decided to adopt this type of decoration for their house. 
This concrete table was the perfect finishing touch to give their new house a totally industrial design look. 

This table, is a wooden frame table, covered with plasterboard, and concrete blocks on the outside. 
The hollow wooden frame were used to achieve the less possible weight, while the plasterboard were used to maximise the adhesion level from concrete.  
Regarding the external surface  of the table (concrete), it should be mentioned that many tests have been made in order to achieve the highest quality of material that would prevent absorption. 
The table was painted with epoxy paint which gives shiny look to the table but also increases endurance and eliminates deterioration. 

Last but not least, the metal frame that surrounds the top of the table, were used not only to give the extra beauty, but also to prevent the corners and make them more resistant as well as to offer the highest level of safety and protect kids and any other users of the table.

Year of construction: 2014

Materials used: timber, plasterboard, concrete mix, epoxy paint, metal frame


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