DIY Plyo Box

19 March, 2016 | Videos

What we haven’t really thought since now, is to create a manufacture for people who love working out and keep fit.
Therefore, the team of ‘make it extreme’ came up with the idea to create four pedestals in four different heights so that the athletes will be able to perform their jumps from the ground to the pedestals and vice versa.

The usability of this construction is multiple as these four pedestals can be used by many people for various purposes such as by healthy athletes to increase the strength of their saltation, the intensity of their jumps as well as their kinetic function while it can be also used as a tool of rehabilitation for various musculoskeletal injuries. 

What makes this construction so special and unique is that these four pedestals can be put the one inside the other for saving space into small sports centers and rehabilitation centers.   

The heights of pedestals are 30 cm, 45 cm, 60 cm and 75 cm tall accordingly while the surface on the top of the construction is according to the height in order to have a normal landing on the surface of the pedestal according to the difficulty of the saltation… It is definitely worth to be mentioned that the surface for landing expands according to the level of difficulty and how high is the jump in order to ensure safety during the saltation.

Regarding the base of this tool, we placed rubbery floor mats to prevent the collapse of our construction during the jumps.


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