Making F1 RC 48v 1000w

28 July, 2018 | Videos

The project number 0085 revives memories from our childhood when we used to drive remote controlled vehicles for our own entertainment. The difference today, though is that we can make our own RC in the size that we desire. Therefore, using our new welding method which is called ‘migatronic tig PI250’ we were able to make the frame of our vehicle by aluminium. Our aim was to make a formula 1 on a scale 1:2.

Initially, we bended the aluminium and then we welded them making the frame of our vehicle. To make the wheels of our vehicle, we chose the ones that are used in go karts. Next, we attached the back wheels with a stainless-steel axis 22mm thick. The axis spins on bearings, which were applied on our frame. To avoid exerting weight, we decided not to use a differential system to move the back wheels. Although, we knew that using a differential system we would avoid various false powers during driving and we would achieve a better stability on the road, better turning and less straining on our motor. 

Regarding the transmission of the move from the motor to the axis was managed with a chain. First, we tried to apply a machine taken from a tree-cutting machine but we faced a lot of problems that a great amount of money was required to be solved so we took the decision to make an electrical RC. Therefore, we took a motor of 48v 1000w that is usually used on e-bikes and we applied it on the frame of our formula. Surely, regarding to our project the preferences vary having to decide between a petrol engine and a motor, but we did our best at the particular moment. 

To feed our motor, we used our project 0084 that we made on our previous video. That battery that we made is 8.5Ah 52v. To turn our vehicle, we used a window motor of a car because we did not have a big servo. As regard to its final shape, we used a plastic pvc in black colour to cover the frame, on which we stuck stickers in REPSOL colours that we use in every machine that the team of the make it extreme makes.

To conclude, we achieved a very beautiful design in all the levels of our vehicle. We made it both quite fast and light. It can run up to 60km speed with enough torque in order to be able to transfer even a human weighing 80kg, easily. The feeling that you get driving a remote controlled, big vehicle is very different from driving a normal one. Our remote controlled vehicle is 233cm long and 90cm wide, 40cm tall and 38kg heavy. We ended this project hoping to make many more RC vehicles in the future.

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