It's possible to use the angle grinder as a belt sander!

29 March, 2016 | Videos

The second angle grinder hack from the ‘make it extreme’ team is here and it aims to transform the angle grinder into a belt sander

We needed a belt sander that would be able to rub wooden surfaces very quickly. However, we made this angle grinder hack instead as the belt sander would be costlier and also, because most of the manufacturers have and use at least one angle grinder hack in their work. 

Therefore, we made two aluminum wheels with a ball bearing in their inside part so that the sandpaper tape will be able to spin on them. Also, we made a system that controls these two aluminum wheels to open and close with the help of a lever which was placed at the one side of our manufacture. For example, when we pull up the lever, the aluminum wheels come closer and then, we can put our sandpaper. Additionally, we have placed two springs that pull this mechanism in order to keep the tape stretched. 

Also, at the one side of one of the two aluminum wheels, we made a system that controls the movement of the tape from right to left so that it will be able to be adjusted at the center of the two wheels. One of these wheels is connected with a belt to the angle grinder and it has been placed, exactly above the whole structure. 

Therefore, we have in our hands an angle grinder which can be sat on its base and be linked with our structure. Finally, once we turn it on our belt starts moving and the belt sander starts working too.


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