Homemade camera slider

21 February, 2016 | Videos

What did we make this time for you?
The manufacture of this week is a camera slider but not any common kind of it.
The particular slider enables us to film shots where the camera should be moving during the filming without involving any interruptions or having swishes. 
For this reason, we made a metallic frame with four legs applied with screws and then we placed a moving metallic plate on it. While in this metallic plate, we placed small, plastic wheels that their role is to be regulated to adjust their rubbing with the rails in order to achieve smoothness in the movement as well as stability of the camera. 

It is worth to be mentioned, that I have used small in diameter pipes and square tubes in order to make the structure as smaller as possible. 
Therefore, using low in cost materials, we added another useful and very unique tool in the ‘make it extreme’ workshop. 

In the future, we may decide to make an even more complicated and extreme slider having even more capabilities. 

The particular slider has 180 cm length while the height is adjusted according to the place of its legs.


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