Making a steady rest for metal lathe

07 May, 2017 | Videos

The particular video was not only interesting but also it was necessary to be made as the tool that we created, this time, will provide us further help in the following structures. The tool that we created is a steady rest tool for our lathe. When we bought the lathe, we felt insufficient without having this tool so we decided to make one. It is very useful as it supports long pieces that we want to work on and it reduces the declination of being precise. Also, it prevents the thin pieces to be bend during the work on them and it provides many other benefits too.

We started making it by taking the measures of the lathe so that our component would be placed precisely and be able to be locked at the point we want. Therefore, we made its base, in which we placed two rings having 4cm distance between them. Separating these rings in 120 degrees in other words dividing them in three parts, we spotted the points to put the rails between the rings. These rails, on which the guided parts were placed, are moved forward and backward when we want to in order to be able to support pieces in various diameters. 

At the internal side of the movable parts, we placed a bearing so that the parts that we support to be able to spin smoothly. The only disadvantage that we have noticed on our structure is that we didn’t make it to open and close so that it can be only removed by removing the piece of the lathe. Closing, it is quite sufficient and a perfect tool for the purposes we need it, after all.

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