Making a scrap wire stripping machine

08 April, 2022 | Videos

The structure numbered 0131 is a wire stripping machine using old cables for recycling purposes. It is well-known that pure copper that is included in the cables can be sold and having this in mind, we considered it wise to make a cable stripping machine.

The theoretical part of the structure is simple as the cable is placed on a power wheel which enables the cable to move forcing it to pass under a cylindrical blade which cuts the plastic cover of the cable. Also, the power wheel moves through an electrical motor and a speed reducer. The speed reducer increases the power of the power wheel of the cable and reduces its speed providing quality and controlled function.

Regarding the cylindrical blade, it has the ability to increase and reduce the height in order to be able to process cables in various diameters. Additionally, on the machine, we added two cylinders, which enable the separation of the plastic cover from the copper after cutting.

This is a very useful structure and we are pleased that we made our own version of a cable peeling machine.

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