My Handmade Tank

07 February, 2016 | Videos

This video has been made by the team of Make it Extreme to say a BIG thank you to all of its 10,000 subscribers, who supported our channel during the 7 months of its existence. Although, on this video we don’t present the making of any construction, we show a unique manufacture that was created many years ago by the channel.

It presents a metallic tank that I made about 10 years ago. The designing and the making of this construction using the few tools that I had then, took me about two years of daily work equivalent to about 10 hours a day!!!

The particular tank has many and various uses as despite its small size, it has an amazing potential. Imagine that it can be used even as a toy as well as a tool. It can be moved by two winches of 12 volts that have the strength to lift 2000lb each. Additionally, another two motors of 12 volts move the tank tower while an electromagnet activates the trigger of the gun or of the construction that is located on the tower.
Also, it can be revolved in 380 ̊ and inclined up and down in 75 ̊. Nevertheless, this tank has the capability to have enough space to put various devices such as spear guns and anything else that the user needs to place in there. This crawler moves under a remote control’s demands. This remote control includes 12 channels of a remote controlled helicopter with a range of 600 meters. It is worth to be mentioned that it is waterproof and designed to be used under the water. However, the most impressive thing about it is that it can stay in higher than 5 bars water pressure.

At its back side, there are two points, which can be hooked with objects that the user may want to pull. In addition, its metallic caterpillar tracks are constituted by 30 pieces each while the tank’s body is made of sheet metal, 3mm thickness.

It is exclusively made by hand as well as the mechanisms that control its movable limbs.

Its dimensions are 75 cm length, 65 cm width, 45 cm height and it weighs about 110 kg including its batteries.


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