Machining a stainless steel Venturi forge Burner

22 September, 2021 | Videos

The Venturi Gas burners are constructions that mix the gas with the air before their burning. These burners are used in many metallurgy's tools like the ovens for melting metals or blacksmithing ovens as well as are used for many other functions. 

They are generally cheap and easy to be made and we have already made and placed in many of our creations. The only difference this time is that our creation is completely constituted from stainless steel and it was made by using lathe and milling machine. Compared to other cheaper and simpler constructions this particular burner has better performance as it is more precise in regulating the mixing of the gas with the air. The regulating is performed by opening and closing the entrance of the air by using a petard with a small fold step. In this way, rotating the petard the entrance opens or closes very slowly therefore the accurate regulation of the air and the gas is controlled easily and quickly. 

Finally, even though our creation with the number 0123 is simple, it is also useful and necessary.

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