Extreme briefcase table

25 August, 2015 | Videos

Exclusively for beach and beer lovers!!!!

This suitcase was design for four friends who really enjoy having fun on the beach.  
They love travelling around the country and visiting the great beaches!  
They just had difficulty on how to keep their beers freezing and how to fit a table in their small size cars.  
This was the extreme idea that solved  both problems at once!!  

A suitcase, which can fit up to 16 x 330cl beer cans and keep them cold for up to 6 hours when  filled with ice, and also hides an extendible  table!

What is more, the extendible table is equipped with four “hidden” cup holders and a “hidden”  card’s case.   
The suitcase was smartly designed to use the less possible space while offering the same benefits as a normal table. 
When it is closed, it’s height is only 20cm and  when it is opened, it reaches a height of 75cm.  It is easy to use as well as to move once it weighs about 11kgs when empty!!!

Year of construction: 2015


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